Duration Price (incl. GST)
Signature Face Spa    
Ageless Stem Cell 90-min S$642.00
Hyaluronic Bubble Infusion 90-min S$642.00
Medic Stem Cell 90-min S$642.00
Oriental Face Lift 90-min S$513.60
TCK Accupoint 90-min S$513.60
NeuCell Balance 75-min S$406.60
NeuCell Repair 90-min S$406.60
Rose Quartz 90-min S$406.60
Tomato Stem Cell 75-min S$406.60
Collagen2 90-min S$406.60
Cellular Revitalizing 90-min S$374.50
Hyaluronic Face Firming 90-min S$374.50
Luminance Pearl 90-min S$374.50
23K Gold Firming 90-min S$374.50
Anti Acne 90-min S$299.60
Collagen 90-min S$299.60
Botanical Radiance 60-min S$192.60
Dermafill 60-min S$192.60
Anti-Age Expert    
O2 Skin Reviver 90-min S$642.00
Transformation Lift 90-min S$642.00
3D Lift 90-min S$513.60
Kine Lift 90-min S$513.60
TRx Face Renewal 90-min S$513.60
3D Lucent 90-min S$406.60
Nano Intense 90-min S$406.60
Pure Light 90-min S$406.60
Sonic Infusion 90-min S$406.60
RF Skin Tightening 90-min S$299.60
Add-on for Face    
Sculpt Resolute (spot treatment) 20-min S$299.00
TRx Intense Eye Rejuvenation 60-min S$214.00
Age-Defying Eye Repair 40-min S$128.40
Collagen Eye 40-min S$128.40
Lip Smoother 40-min S$128.40
Puff Minimiser 40-min S$128.40
Eye Zone Renewal 40-min S$85.60
Skin Tag / Milia Seed Removal
(spot treatment)
20-min S$53.50
Décolleté Treatment    
Revitalization Décolleté 60-min S$214.00
Pro- Collagen Décolleté 30-min S$160.50
Candle Therapy    
Ear / Navel Candling 30-min S$85.60
Back Facial    
Anti-Microbial 75-min S$428.00
Pro-Light 90-min S$406.60
Hydro-Plus 60-min S$406.60
Nano Hair Removal
(Duration depends on individual hair type)
Full Leg - S$642.00
Full Arm - S$535.00
Brazillian ( For ladies only) - S$406.60
Half Leg - S$406.60
Bikini ( For ladies only) - S$267.50
Chest - S$267.50
Underarm - S$160.50
Chin - S$128.40
Upper Lip - S$85.60
Foot Therapy    
Foot Reflexology 45-min S$85.60
Foot Reflexology 30-min S$69.55
Duration Price (incl. GST)
Spa Reviver
Chi Balancing 90-min S$299.60
Chi Balancing 60-min S$214.00
Citrus Awakening 90-min S$299.60
Ginseng Wellness 90-min S$299.60
Kindle Ball Therapy 90-min S$299.60
Kindle Ball Therapy 60-min S$214.00
Manual Lymphatic Drainage 90-min S$299.60
Manual Lymphatic Drainage 60-min S$214.00
Marine Detox 90-min S$299.60
Mineral Stone Remedy 90-min S$299.60
Quirogolf Retreat 90-min S$299.60
Royal Adeva Touch 90-min S$449.40
Warm Balancing Ritual 60-min S$267.50
Warm Balancing Ritual 90-min S$299.60
Zingiber Infusion 90-min S$299.60
Body Massage    
Aromatic 90-min S$288.90
Aromatic 60-min S$192.60
Balinese 90-min S$288.90
Balinese 60-min S$192.60
Javanese 90-min S$288.90
Javanese 60-min S$192.60
Postnatal 90-min S$343.47
Postnatal 60-min S$228.98
Prenatal 90-min S$299.60
Prenatal 60-min S$214.00
Shiatsu 90-min S$288.90
Shiatsu 60-min S$192.60
Swedish 90-min S$288.90
Swedish 60-min S$192.60
Triplex 90-min S$288.90
Triplex 60-min S$192.60
Sports 90-min S$428.00
Sports 60-min S$299.60
Add-On for Body
Bust Enhancement / Lifting / Reduction 60-min S$267.50
Mineral Polish 45-min S$160.50
Abdominal / Back Relaxer Mask 30-min S$85.60
Bamboo Glow / C- Remedy / Sweet Magnolia Polish 30-min S$85.60
Milk Bath 30-min S$85.60
Seasonal Polish 30-min S$85.60
Spot Treatment for Body    
Sculpt Resolute 20-min S$686.94
Contouring Therapy
Cellu-Sculpt (1 spot) 40-min S$513.60
Body TRx 90-min S$406.60
Cool Shaper 60-min S$406.60
Thermal Trim 90-min S$299.60
Lipolift 75-min S$299.60
Tummy Tuck / Buttock Lift / Thigh Sculpturing 60-min S$214.00
B.E.A.M Therapy 60-min S$192.60
Presso 30-min S$128.40
Slimming Wrap 30-min S$128.40
Traditional Chinese Therapy
Ba Guan 20-min S$40.66
Chi Mu Detox 90-min S$406.60
Chi Mu Detox 60-min S$299.60
Chi Mu Massage 90-min S$406.60
Chi Mu Massage 60-min S$299.60
Foot Reflexology 45-min S$85.60
Foot Reflexology 30-min S$64.20
Warm Sea Salt & Herb Therapy 20-min S$85.60
Jin Luo Bust 60-min S$406.60
Meridian Balance 90-min S$267.50
Meridian Balance 60-min S$192.60
Meridian Balance 30-min S$128.40
TCK Sculpturing 90-min S$406.60
Tui Na Bodywork 90-min S$288.90
Tui Na Bodywork 60-min S$192.60
Wu Xing 90-min S$513.60
Prices stated are inclusive of GST
A certificate of insurance would be issued immediately upon prepayment.
Packages expire 12 months from the date of purchase.

Please note that cancellation within 24 hours will incur a 100% treatment charge.
Please view our service policy.

Last updated on 15 January 2018.