Duration Price (incl. GST)
Yellow Rose Face Spa    
24k Gold Anti-aging 90-min S$415.16
Cellular Revitalising 90-min S$415.16
Collagen2 90-min S$415.16
Hyaluronic 90-min S$415.16
Luminance Pearl 90-min S$415.16
Purifying 90-min S$308.16
Express 30-min S$104.86
HANN Face Spa    
Botanical Radiance 60-min S$201.16
Oxygen Bubble 60-min S$308.16
Tremella Hydrate 60-min S$308.16
Civasan Face Spa    
Hy+Balsam 75-min S$308.16
Sizopirin Cellular DNA 75-min S$393.76
Hy+Balsam & Sizopirin Cellular DNA Duo  105-min S$415.16
Spa Ritual    
23k Gold Ginger Spa Ritual 90-min S$308.16
Mineral Stone Remedy 90-min S$406.60
Mineral Stone Remedy 60-min S$308.16
Sole Retreat 60-min S$147.66
Duration Price (incl. GST)
Body Massage    
Back 30-min S$115.56
Balinese 90-min S$286.76
Balinese 60-min S$201.16
Javanese 90-min S$286.76
Javanese 60-min S$201.16
Triplex  90-min S$286.76
Triplex 60-min S$201.16
Foot 60-min S$115.56
Foot 30-min S$72.76
Add-On for Face & Body
HANN Eye Cure 40-min S$104.86
Spa Bath 30-min S$94.16
Seasonal Body Polish 30-min S$94.16
Traditional Chinese Therapy
Ba Guan 20-min S$94.16
Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure 75-min S$201.16
Foot Reflexology 60-min S$136.96
Foot Reflexology 30-min S$94.16
Meridian Balance Massage 30-min S$136.96
Tui Na 90-min S$308.16
Tui Na 60-min S$201.16
Vital Force Healing  90-min S$415.16


Prices stated are inclusive of GST
Packages expire 12 months from the date of purchase.

Please note that cancellation within 24 hours will incur a 100% treatment charge.
Please view our service policy.

Last updated on 17 March 2020.